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About Genotac Industries


GenoTac Industries provides Kydex holsters and gear. We are currently working on providing firearms manipulation training, pistol, rifle, and shotgun. We have an in house Kentucky Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons Instructor that can provide the required course for CCDW applicants in the state of Kentucky.

GenoTac Industries was founded with these four principles in mind:

  • Adaptation
  • Practicality
  • Functionality
  • Affordability

We are an open-minded company, we adapt to the ever changing world of firearms, and are always ready to change our products and training to fit your needs. Just as the mentality and actions of the unrighteous changes so should our tactics and gear adapt to make us better prepared. We understand that the responsibility of owning and manipulating a firearm can fall on anyone from different walks of life. We want our products and training to be practical for your specific lifestyle. Whether you are a police officer or a stay at home mom, we want you to have practical use for the products you buy and the training you receive.

We strive to make our products function the way they should. We put our products to test in our daily lives; we carry every day, at work and out of work. Our products are tested in actual law enforcement capacity by the people that innovate and manufacture them. By the time a product gets to you, you know that it functions the way it should. One of the most important factor to a final product and a training course is the price, we will strive to provide a fair price without sacrificing the rest of our principles.

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